wah, fireworks !

it's sepia.

being emotional is just part of our life
but life is more about celebration

everyday every-year every-nation
has its own celebration day
and even individual like us, also have

let's celebrate for whatever it is
because we are still alive to cherish everything that's possible !

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eh, don't dig !

in our young age, where we know nothing from the beginning
we dig to build sandcastle.

but, when we're grown up
people would say we dig for our own grave.

sandcastle or grave,
it is us, who decided what it'll be
no matter what are the things, we'd better learn to know what we are doing for it is us who will be asked.
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hey, her birthday !

everyone wanted a simple life
but not everyone has it

everyone wanted a happy life
but not everyone has it

we are the one who live our life
so, make it simple and happy (or maybe silly? LOL) for we live it only once

p/s: please wish her "Happy Birthday !" hahahaz.. sorry for being unable to stay beside but i know u'll forgive me. ><
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wow, balloon !

as Malay proverb says, "kecil api menjadi kawan, besar api menjadi lawan."

the statement itself made sense when we apply it to disaster
but from the photo above, it is not applicable.

for everything were made to have its own usage or ability
same thing applied to us, human
but we have unlimited potentials and abilities, that yet to be discovered.

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hey, i'm flying !

no matter how people look at us
saying us being such a foolish for our act

we shall never give up
for everything is possible and believe in oneself that we can fly !
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small van, big car ?!

whenever come to an end where we need to decide
human's nature always choose the best amongst

but in real life, do we really look into the situation when we're making decision?
and decided which fits in our needs and if we able to afford the latter consequences.

dream BIG but make it SHINES !
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wei, my property !

appreciate is the word

many people doesn't take care much of their property once they owned it
some even don't care since it's not their thing

but life isn't going this way
life is short, so please appreciate those around you and yourself
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eh, phone call !

as simple as a phone call
you'll never know how big the impact others will have

call or SMS
be it important or not at all
even if you're in the middle of busy street

because they care.

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place like no others !

hometown will always be our place like no others
no matter how far we go
how long we been at other place
how advanced is the other place

for sure, we got our everything start from here, our hometown.
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wah, cat !

no matter how similar do you guys looked alike
there must be something which can differentiate you guys

this is why the creator told that we are all custom made !
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oh my, thunder !

we see before we hear
which is applicable during a thunderstorm

but in real life,
for some, we might see what we have not heard
and we might heard what we yet to see

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wedding bell rings !

"to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part."

responsibility raised
faith has become the base of it
and one shall live happily

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huh, don't u scare?

since young, we were taught and advised about bad things, dangerous situations an all sorts of negative thingy.
let's assume if we know no danger just like the kid in the photo,

what would it be?
it is always our mind that control our life.
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huh, raw is war?

always not to forget those who fight for us and our country.
even though we do not know many of them but it's their sacrifice which made the better's today !

the person in the photo is not any known warrior.
but he is my brother who has his birth on 2nd Nov. hahaz.. "Happy Birthday, tauke camera !"

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hmm, light is art?

i still remember the physics theory: speed of light = 3.0 x 10^8 m/s
we need day more than night and light more than dark

but sufficient light in the dark, produce ART - light graffiti !

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eh, pause awhile !

many people tend to be busy with their life, looking for fame and wealth.
sometimes, we just need to pause - to concern about the glocal issues.
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hey, it's 1Malaysia !

it was an assignment back then.

but 1Malaysia is the real meaning behind this poster.
it's not the skin color that matter but it is the importance of our FLAG's color.

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here, my workplace !

soon after i graduated, i step my foot on this desert !
feeding the camel all day long ! hahaz..

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so, i've graduated !

so, this is me, again.
not too sure why i'm back to blog but it might be a wise decision.

so, future is in our own hands
live the best of yourself and you're the one who decide how to live with it.
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