boo, snake !

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whoa, money !

my second pay-check from Nuffnang ! haha..
and it is since Aug 2009 ! woohoO~

i've been active and inactive
in and out
create and delete account
revamp and modify

it is not the monetary that we seek
but ourselves instead
what we want and what we need
and for that, it reflects who we are and what we will become

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[add-on] Maxis gives you Olympic Gold!

sharing is caring
and i am now sharing my Olympian spirit !

courtesy to the Olympic frenzy, Maxis is now launching the MYLAUNCHPAD SPORTS !

now, you can get latest updates and news especially of Malaysia Olympians !
moreover, you are able to win some prizes (iPhone 4S, Samsung devices and even Maxis Prepaid starter kits!) for yourself and probably win yourself a GOLD medal (worth MYR12,000)!

but how?
first sign up at or you can click their page here !
then look for the tiny word - "HOW TO WIN"

and you are now on your way to win the prizes !

p/s: just leave your contest submission here or tweet me and I will vote for you ! woohoO~

and the first picture posted above is my submission, please vote for me too (if you spotted this, lol) !
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[add-on] erm, Mae Nak?

Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Mae Nak !

GSC Tropicana City Mall

24 July, 2012

as you can see, it's for Nuffnangers and Churpers ! ><

thanks to Nuffnang and Rainfilm Sdn Bhd
for giving me the chance to let Mae Nak catch me before its official debut

here's the trailer !

i'm not sure if it is a horror movie (maybe you can judge it by the photo above? hahaz..)
but it is surely a touching movie for me. ><

especially movie at night time,
friends, please be more aware because crimes is getting worse now. wtf
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what, is this PIKOM fair?

the photo shown is the area where it is the biggest space for PIKOM PC Fair 2012
meaning, others spaces inside the hall - you define yourself.. LOL
if only you ever watch - "Honey, I've shrink the kids!"

no photos for the inside, I still want you to go there and see for yourself. haha..
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eh, you need food?

it's a very hard to bite bread given by the lovely China couple =) 

it's essential to every livings on earth

and food
it is where all the livings linked to each other
which made the hierarchy of carnivore / omnivore / herbivore

to simplify,
food is anything serving for consumption or use

but today,
is anything consumable considered food?

food is essential
don't waste and share if possible
it is where we share and care for each other

p/s: should we do more food review? hahaz..
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[add-on] wow, free lives in Diamond Dash !

if you guys are like me,
who are recently addicted to Diamond Dash and wanted to have more LIVES in order to compete with your friends
then you have arrive at your destination where you can have more lives with just few clicks ! (NO software is needed)

but HOW?
i'm in a rush now, so i will make it simple

first, have someone send you life(s) and eventually,  you'll receive your notifications !
click to open MANY TABS of it (if you're using a mouse with a center scroll, just click the scroll button)
then, of every tabs, you ACCEPT ALL THE GIFTS (close every tabs when you're done with the gifts acceptance) and no need to START PLAYING until you're done all you clicks !

at last tab, khalas
you may now have as many LIVES as you clicked just now ! LOL

*note: only can be done using computer, unless iPhone can open tabs as well. haha..
*i coincidentally found out about this when there's once i tab-clicked this apps.

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[add-on] hey, are you dentophobia ?

candit photo shot with @blackiz 

Colgate SlimSoft Blogger event !

Bistro 42 at Bangsar Village 2

30 June, 2012

for sure it's for bloggers ! hahaz..

thanks to Nuffnang @GPlusMY
for the invitation to the Colgate SlimSoft party

here's all about Colgate:

start our high-tea at Bistro 42 

bloggers' registration on-gong with lots of nuffnangers' attendance ! 

then u got the chance to take photo of Colgate's hall of fame ! LOL 

that's the toothbrush cake n cupcakes ! 

food served during the event ! superlicious ~! >< 

that's how the Bistro 42 looked like. lucky draws and games were held to cheer up the party ! 

that's the cute Colgate cupcake ! 

everyone have a goodie bag that includes 3 toothbrushes, a Colgate Plax and a tooth paste !
SlimSoft Colgate toothbrush surely has thin bristles and able to clean our teeth more efficient.

anyhow, my advise to all of you.
"find a friend who is a dentist to prevent getting dentophobia and own a better teeth" LOL
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wow, it looks great !

purpose is the only thing that we need to know

no matter how awesome everything looked like
there is always a purpose why it is made or built

no matter how huge or grand a place can be
there is always a smaller or simple place that has the same purpose

it's what we always called
necessity and desire
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[add-on] huh, giraffe restaurant?

at first, i thought we'll be eating either the giraffe's meat or eat in the zoo. LOL 

it's all about food

L4-1-2 Jalan Pekan Baru 34, 41050 Klang

open from 1000 to 0000: Monday to Sunday

it's a restaurant for every age, especially family and suitable for youngsters for chit-chat
but it serves pork, non-halal

thanks to for bringing me along to this food review !
met and family, and yukiko

here's all about giraffes:

a place for chit-chat. 

a place for dining. it's full house when we were there. 

left: traffic light solero smoothies (MYR 9.90), right: grass jelly white coffee blended (MYR 7.90) 

French's alpes salad (MYR 12.80) 

roast chicken wrap (MYR 11.80) 

tuna prawn tart (MYR 11.80) 

the Giraffe's chef pasta (MYR13.80) 

Burgundy chicken chop (MYR 13.50) 

Margherita twist (MYR 4.50) 

teriyaki pork belly (MYR 13.90) 

the Giraffe's townhouse burger stacko (MYR36.60) 

for whoever lives nearby Klang, you guys shouldn't missed this Giraffe's restaurant out.
it's just behind Klang parade.

for family, your kids surely love this place especially the drinks where you get to see the giraffe bath inside your drink.
for youngsters, you can lepak until midnight with your friends (alcohol beverages is available).
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at last, i'm back !

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