[add-on] hey, are you dentophobia ?

candit photo shot with @blackiz 

Colgate SlimSoft Blogger event !

Bistro 42 at Bangsar Village 2

30 June, 2012

for sure it's for bloggers ! hahaz..

thanks to Nuffnang @GPlusMY
for the invitation to the Colgate SlimSoft party

here's all about Colgate:

start our high-tea at Bistro 42 

bloggers' registration on-gong with lots of nuffnangers' attendance ! 

then u got the chance to take photo of Colgate's hall of fame ! LOL 

that's the toothbrush cake n cupcakes ! 

food served during the event ! superlicious ~! >< 

that's how the Bistro 42 looked like. lucky draws and games were held to cheer up the party ! 

that's the cute Colgate cupcake ! 

everyone have a goodie bag that includes 3 toothbrushes, a Colgate Plax and a tooth paste !
SlimSoft Colgate toothbrush surely has thin bristles and able to clean our teeth more efficient.

anyhow, my advise to all of you.
"find a friend who is a dentist to prevent getting dentophobia and own a better teeth" LOL
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wow, it looks great !

purpose is the only thing that we need to know

no matter how awesome everything looked like
there is always a purpose why it is made or built

no matter how huge or grand a place can be
there is always a smaller or simple place that has the same purpose

it's what we always called
necessity and desire
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[add-on] huh, giraffe restaurant?

at first, i thought we'll be eating either the giraffe's meat or eat in the zoo. LOL 

it's all about food

L4-1-2 Jalan Pekan Baru 34, 41050 Klang

open from 1000 to 0000: Monday to Sunday

it's a restaurant for every age, especially family and suitable for youngsters for chit-chat
but it serves pork, non-halal

thanks to nikelkhor.com for bringing me along to this food review !
met submerry.com and family, sidneykan.com and yukiko

here's all about giraffes:

a place for chit-chat. 

a place for dining. it's full house when we were there. 

left: traffic light solero smoothies (MYR 9.90), right: grass jelly white coffee blended (MYR 7.90) 

French's alpes salad (MYR 12.80) 

roast chicken wrap (MYR 11.80) 

tuna prawn tart (MYR 11.80) 

the Giraffe's chef pasta (MYR13.80) 

Burgundy chicken chop (MYR 13.50) 

Margherita twist (MYR 4.50) 

teriyaki pork belly (MYR 13.90) 

the Giraffe's townhouse burger stacko (MYR36.60) 

for whoever lives nearby Klang, you guys shouldn't missed this Giraffe's restaurant out.
it's just behind Klang parade.

for family, your kids surely love this place especially the drinks where you get to see the giraffe bath inside your drink.
for youngsters, you can lepak until midnight with your friends (alcohol beverages is available).
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at last, i'm back !

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