now, i'm really back !

Photo taken with Singapore Minister for Foreign Affairs during the groundbreaking ceremony of Kampung Kampus in Singapore.

this time, it's not gonna be the same again. coz this time, i really am back to my beloved country
unlike the previous post, where i told that i'm continuing my Masters and settle down but in the end I step my foot in the Merlion land as Structural "anjing-liar". LOL

but this time, this history won't repeat and i now stand firm to accept the challenge that says "the grass is always greener on the other side" !  (although the current SGD rate is RM2.70 OMG!) 

and now, here i am - back to blog and rock ! woohoO~
am no longer "anjing-liar" this time! you may anytime ask, "why Malaysia, why not Singapore, why not Qatar last time" ! but i may not answer you! hahaha.. kidding.

more things to catch up and more things happened lately, those happy sad things.. haha jom, blog !
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